“Take your internship seriously.
It's a dress rehearsal for the real world.”


Robbins Farley, LLC believes in keeping a learning atmosphere for their clients as well as their employees. Bob and Colleen continue this by welcoming interns into the office. Internships are a very important part of the team's foundation. For instance, before becoming a financial advisor, Colleen worked as an intern for Bob at Smith Barney. There she learned and gained experience in financial advising and portfolio management, and thus realized her passion for financial advising. Shortly after graduating, Colleen joined Bob to form the Robbins Farley group, and they ultimately started their own firm years later.

To hear from the most Robbins Farley's most recent intern, read what Catherine Berube had to say about her time with the firm. If you'd like to read more from the firm's past interns, click here.



Name: Catherine Berube

Intern Role: Marketing Associate Intern in winter and spring of 2015

Graduated from: Saint Anselm College in 2015 with a Business Degree

“My role as an intern at Robbins Farley was to help create a new look and language for the website. I worked with Bob and Colleen to understand what they wanted for their website and put it into words. With guidance from a marketing company, I edited, revised, and submitted content to compliance for approval. Once approved, I created the layout for the content on the website. I also worked to improve Bob and Colleen’s LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Interning at Robbins Farley was a great learning experience. Bob and Colleen really encouraged me to bring my own insight and ideas to the table. I was able to see first-hand the work and effort it takes to create an image for a company that is relatable to clients. I learned the importance of being professional, while also having fun with your job. It's important to take pride in your work and to share new thoughts and ideas.

It was a great atmosphere to work in. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful when you have questions. I always felt that my ideas were being heard. Bob and Colleen always made sure that I was getting what I wanted out of my internship. One of my biggest accomplishments is the final product of the Robbins Farley website, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without this opportunity. An internship is supposed to help you learn, whether it’s learning about yourself or figuring out your career path. Internships are the stepping stones to your future, so take advantage of them.”


Robbins Farley, LLC is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer, Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran./Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation