Meet the Former Interns of Robbins Farley

Bob and Colleen believe that internships are a very important part of a student’s education. It enables students to apply what they have learned in school to real experiences in a business environment. These positions also present opportunities for interns to realize their strengths, weaknesses, and what type of work they may enjoy. Learn more about the experiences of the past interns who have worked with Bob and Colleen.



Name: Jon Lawrance

Intern Role: Portfolio Management from 2008 to 2009

Graduated from: Saint Anselm College in 2008 with a Business Degree

Current Job: Portfolio Manager for E.S. Schwarz and Company, Inc.

“My primary role was to help with the portfolio management side of the business. Bob taught me how to analyze stocks and manage current positions. With that knowledge, I was able to find new positions for the portfolios and monitor current positions for the team. I also assisted Bob in testing his Bullish Percent Macro Strategy.

The internship taught me how to work as a team in a professional atmosphere. Bob and Colleen also taught me a lot about approaching my work from a mental standpoint so I could become a true asset to the team. The only reason I am able to do what I do now is because of what they taught me during my time with them.

The best part about interning with Bob and Colleen was learning the practical skills and doing work that actually impacted their business. They didn’t just stick me in a corner and have me fold envelopes for six months. They were always willing to take the time to teach me. Their extra effort went a long way for me.

An internship is meant for you to learn and gain job skills. You want to look for an internship that is going to maximize this. It's nice to have an internship on your resume, but if you didn’t learn anything or gain any new skills, then it was a waste of time."



Name: Tanner Moran

Intern Role: Market Analysis Intern from January to May '07

Graduted from: Saint Anselm College in 2007 with a Business Degree

Current Job: Director at Hastings Equity Partners, an energy focused private equity fund with offices in Boston and Houston

“As an intern with the Robbins Farley Group my responsibilities centered on supporting Bob and Colleen wherever there was a need.  My daily activities varied but focused on market and securities specific research and analysis, presentation and reporting preparation, attending vendor presentations, networking events and organizing client appreciation functions.

It would take more than a few sentences to quantify all the ways my internship at Robbins Farley guided me.  I learned that the client always comes first, a critical mindset for any business.  Bob and Colleen taught me extensive research, detailed analysis, and communication with your client, prepares you to make the best investment and management decisions you can.  Most importantly, my internship enforced that hard work, discipline, and a desire to achieve is the recipe for success.

As an intern, my value add to Bob and Colleen was a fraction of what they did for me.  My time with the Robbins Farley Group taught me not just what it takes to be successful, but how to go out and execute.  Interning for a group that had the desire to help me in any way possible achieve my professional goals was an invaluable experience.

It is critical for students to have an internship.  Internships give an individual the opportunity to work with and learn from professionals who demonstrate daily what it takes to be successful.  An internship helps distinguish you from other applicants during the interview process as you have real world experience and training not just a classroom education.”



Name: Caitlin (Casey) McGrath

Intern Role: Marketing and Advertising Intern from January to May '06

Graduated from: Saint Anselm in 2006 with a Business Degree

Current Job: Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator for SEFCU

"I worked mainly on marketing and advertising. It was a good time for a remodel because Bob had just asked Colleen to become a partner. I was able to set up photo shoots, press releases, compiled Smith Barney marketing materials with compliant literature, and created profiles of the whole Robbins Casey Team.

Marketing and advertising is prevalent in all aspects of what I do today. I manage an event hall that I write and post about daily to advertise the events and community service we do. I understand the importance of my social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, and my Credit Union’s website page. Presenting and marketing yourself correctly is very important and I was fortunate enough to learn that while I was interning at Robbins Casey my senior year at Saint Anselm College. I was prepared when I started interviewing for the workforce after graduation. The techniques and skills I learned from Bob and Colleen I use on a day-to-day basis.

It was fun, they held me to high standards in regards to punctuation and work load, but they taught me that if you enjoy your job work can be fun. I had a great experience working there and I wanted to work there full time after graduation (and almost did!). However, it is tough starting out with student loans and family three states away so I ended up back in New York. We still stay in touch and follow each other on social media. Take your internship seriously, it is dress rehearsal for the real world.



Robbins Farley, LLC is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer, Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran./Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation